Important legal changes that affect your mycard2go/mywirecard 2go


Due to changes to legal regulations (Directive 2015/849, ‘Fourth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive’), customers with a mycard2go LIMITED product will need to complete an authentication process (POSTIDENT procedure) in order to top up their accounts from 4 September 2017. The same applies for mywirecard 2go customers with ‘Registered’ product status.

Our recommendation: upgrade free of charge and continue using your card as normal.

You can upgrade to mycard2go ULTIMATE conveniently and quickly via the POSTIDENT procedure using video chat. Once you have successfully upgraded, you can top up your mycard2go again as often as you wish.

Similarly, mywirecard 2go customers will need to upgrade from ‘Registered’ status to ‘Identified’.


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